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Boot Camp Retreats



Please Email us to enquire about our Upcoming Retreat dates


Email us your preferred dates


Organise a group of at least 4 people and Yera will come to you! Anywhere in Australia or Anywhere around the world!

Online retreats are also Available. Email for more information.

Email -

Retreat Gift Vouchers are Available for your friend's and family's Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas.

*All Vouchers have a 3 month Expiry*


"I used this as training before I headed off to do the Kokoda trail. Wow it was good training and got me ready. Thanks Kevin and killed me in a good way!"

"I liked the balance of hard training and then the gentle exercising like qi gong and pilates and yoga. It was a great mix. And I loved the spa treatments and massage after such hard training. Thanks to the Yera team...See you in 2009!"

Weekend Boot Camps

Begins- Friday 2:30pm

Ends- Sunday or do as many days as you like

Each weekend is limited to only 5 guests.

You are more than welcome to book yourself in for more than one weekend.

What does boot camp involve?

Boot camp involves a series of training activities and techniques to push you beyond your limits. The trainers will bear in mind that we all have different fitness levels and we will cater for all fitness levels.

But the training aspect is not all that is important.

The team spirit, the character bonding, the continued encouragement from the other participants and your trainers and the will, strength and mind power to get through every activity is what truly is rewarding. Overcoming those mental challenges of thinking "you can't do it" but then you get through with flying colors. It is amazing how many get through it in leaps and bounds. Overcoming these physical challenges instill a positive mind set when you return to your every day life and are seriously life changing.

You will be worked to your comfortable fitness level and beyond.

Who can do the boot camp?

Everyone is welcome!

Come along with your friends, partner, or work group.

It is a great way for work colleagues to come together in a physically fun, safe and relaxed enviroment- all in one!

What does the weekend involve?

The weekend starts off easy and gets progressively harder as each hour goes by...

There is alot of relaxing activities to balance the hard work out too.

ENJOY- Functional Training/Yoga/Pilates/Stretching classes every day

ENJOY-Spa treatments/Acupuncture and Remedial Massage every day

Your itinerary-

The same as the Detox Itinerary-

BOOTCAMP activities will be scheduled after Breakfast


BOOTCAMP activity scheduled for the Afternoon Session.