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RL Production's 4 Award Winning Education Plays


Toured 1999 - 2016

Now Available as PDF scripts to use in the classroom



"TeenISSUES" (suitable for yrs 7-12)

“Sex-uale`,” (suitable for yrs 9-12)

“LIVESPARK.” (suitable for yrs 7-12)


These plays have toured Victoria wide since January 1999!

For all the 4 plays there is a;

- 60 page script

- Education Material for Discussion/ Forum.

Rob Lobosco -

Rob Lobosco graduated from Bachelor of Health Sciences-TCM from Victoria University in 1997. He also attended William Bates Academy of performing Arts for 12 years where he studied acting and writing and graduated in 1996. Since completing his Performing Arts course, Rob has had various roles in TV- Halifax FP, Frontline, Blue Heeler’s.

Rob played two characters on NEIGHBORS- TOM JONES & DOUG MARSHALL.


He has written the education plays, “TeenISSUES,” “SEXUALE” “LIVESPARK,” and “Hidden Violence,” which have toured to over 400 Secondary Colleges in Victoria and Tasmania since 1999 educating youth about healthy lifestyles. Producer Alan Hardy and writer Kieran O’Mullane joined Rob Lobosco to turn these education plays into a TV series called “The Valley.”

In 2011 Rob is working on the development of the feature length film, “The Long Drive,” which was written in 2006. He is also working on developing the kids fantasy TV series, “Above and Below,” and the AO comedy TV series, “WORKOUT.” As well as the Warner Brother's considered film, "SIMPLE LIVES," based on his Downs Syndrome cousin, Rosy.

Rob is also Writer/Producer for the New Australian Romantic Comedy, "Groomless Bride,” which went into Production January 2011.

On the stage, his latest comedy play, “Dress to Hide- The Story of an Aussie bloke,” was presented at Theatre Works as part of the 2010 International Comedy Festival.

Rob's Italian play, "Due Paesi, Due Cuori," can be seen at the CLOCKTOWER THEATRE in Melbourne from February 24th 2012. Rob Wrote, Produced and Directed this play with a great cast.

In March 2013, Rob finished his 2013 Cannes Film Festival Entered film- FATE-IT IS WHAT IT IS!. He Wrote, Produced, Directed and plays two characters- identlical twins Tony and Lewis. This premiered and screened at the 2013 New York City Independent Film Festival and 2015 Mykonos Biennale Film Festival. Rob has also completed making the next two films in this trilogy, LOVE and DISCONNECTED which follow on from FATE.

Rob has completed his 3 Health Books called, HEAL YOURSELF WITH MY LEARNINGS. Many schools are using these books to educate our youth about healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. These books are great for all ages about healing the body mind and spirit.

"I was most excited about bringing the plays to Secondary Colleges and performing the plays to the students and seeing them be enlightened, entertained and educated. I always write with the 3 "E'S" in mind. Enlighten, Entertain & Educate. And ultimately this Empowers ALL!" Rob Lobosco



These days included a guided Qi Gong session, as well as meditation. Why not spoil your students to a few hours of incense burning, meditation music, and create a special serene enviroment. This was a success for the students at Gilmore Girls College and for school camps in Castlemaine and Beechworth for Presentation College and Southwood Grammar last year, and helped the students relax.

Rob and his team have been keeping students of many Secondary Colleges fit and healthy with his AEROBIC classes during lunch time- A great activity for the students. This will be offered by “RL PRODUCTIONS Health and Well being activities,” again to all Secondary Schools.

Rob and the team will be visiting School Camps, where the plays will be performed as well as Health & Well Being Activities to follow. Meditation and Qi Gong sessions will be run as well as talks and discussions about healthy lifestyle. Aerobic classes are also available. This is being offered to all year level camps- 7-12!

RL PRODUCTIONS advocates education for better understanding and clear guidance, as well as healthy living techniques to get through the tough years of life- “The Teen Age Years.”

With the education plays and the “Health and Well-Being activities,” RL PRODUCTIONS hopes to make a difference and address youth issues and instill positivity into many students, helping them deal with issues that each and every youth may encounter at one given time in their life… “Growing up isn’t that tough- the issues youth come across are!” Feel free to call if you need further information about any of the plays or “Health and Well- Being Activities.”

MEDIA RELEASES for the four R.L. Production Plays

"Sex-uale`"– Written/Produced/Directed by Rob Lobosco

Presented by R.L. Productions

“Sex-uale`,” is a play which looks at the often less talked about Youth Issues of today, centering around growing up, puberty, body image and sexuality. Topics which are left alone, and seldom talked about, for many of the developmental years of teenagers. A time where these topics should be brought to the fore and spoken about, so that sexual development takes place much more easily and naturally, and feelings of guilt, shame and confusion are hindered.

The characters include, Erin, who is faced with a growing Issue of today- raped by her boyfriend.

Mandy, who is seeking true love and romance. Brendan, who is facing a sexual crisis, in that he doesn’t know if he is straight, Bi or Gay, and Trent, who is enjoying the best of both worlds-Bisexual.

“Sex-uale`,” is both funny and sad.

What is Brendan doing behind the couch? Well I can’t tell you, It is a secret. Well it gets Mandy thinking and wondering. She thinks he is masturbating. Then she and Erin believe he is gay. This triggers them all to question their own sexuality. They hassle Brendan for weeks and put him on a road of self discovery. Erin and Mandy both undergo their own trails of discovery, until in a very strange way they all meet up, and get involved in a unique lovers triangle. Hang on there a four involved so it must be a lovers square hahahahahahahaha!

Well somehow they all work it out, and all have developed their own individual lesson that they have learned in, “The Love Game.”

“Sex-uale`,” is an educational play which looks at issues including;

-Safe-Sex, and the issues that go with that, such as HIV, STD’s, Pregnancy etc.

-Body Image and societies representation of the perfect body, so that you are sexually attractive.

-Puberty and growing up, hairgrowth, breaking of voice, development of sex organs and the need to experiment with your body through masturbation and sexual activity. The peer pressures associated with having sex, and the idea that it is cool to have sex, and not so cool if you haven’t- i.e. being fridget.

-Dating and the attraction to the opposite sex, and in some cases the same sex.

-Sexual preferences and the message that it is okay and normal to be sexually attracted to the same sex, regardless of societies viewpoint. Knowing that it is very important to talk about these issues.

To feel comfortable with it, and to explore it, and not to suppress it or it may cause feelings of confusion, shame and guilt. Not to hide it just because of the pressure society places on homosexuals.

The understanding that we all question our sexuality at one point in our lives, and needto deal with this. It highlights the extreme difficulty in overcoming denial, and, “coming out of the closet.”

-Problems in friendship/partnership relationships and the importance to resolve problems through communication.

-The growing incidence of girls being raped by their boyfriends.

“No means no, Yes means yes!.”

-The importance of overcoming deep-seated emotional problems through positive release techniques and help from a counselor. Such as punching a pillow, vocalising the problems, talking about them, writing them down and screwing them up, and channeling them out.

“Sex-uale`,” has no swearing, and is a clean play, with a lot of sexual references. It includes all the topics which, for so long, have been topics of taboo! Don’t conform to this and allow, “Sex-uale`,” to enlighten the youth of today about very important topics which need to be talked about!

“Sexuale,” had a season at Trades Hall, Melbourne during Fringe Festival 2001, and also a season at Chapel off Chapel in Nov. 2001, thanks to the City of Stonnington, and has toured to over 150 Melbourne and country Victorian Secondary Colleges. “Sexuale`,” also played at Wyndham Cultural Arts Centre in May 2002, thanks to the support and funding from City of Wyndham.

“Sex-uale`,”- good, clean, fun expression!

"TISSUES" – Written/Produced/Directed by Rob Lobosco

Presented by R.L. Productions

“TeenISSUES,”- “TISSUES,” is a strong hard-hitting, dynamic play, portraying Youth Issues.

It looks at Anorexia/Bulimia, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, unhealthy and bad lifestyles, Youth Suicide/Depression/Youth Mental Illness, Parenting issues, Importance of Counseling.

The characters include, Sam, who has recovered from anorexia, Brendan, who is finishing his final year of Naturopathy, Suzy, who has overcome a drug-overdose, her boyfriend Danny, who also abused drugs and Mandy, a reformed alcoholic. The characters all have one thing in common. They all have unresolved issues of the past, which are adding and fuelling the problems they are undergoing today.

The play looks at each of these Issues. It looks at the reasons why teenagers steer towards this behaviour, it highlights the effects that this behaviour has on the individual and those around them, it displays the progression of the problem and emphasizes the importance of realizing you have a problem and doing something about it.

The play is very positive, in that it does offer teenager’s education, advice as well as strong will to avoid these problems. And if these Issues are present in their lives, it encourages them to stop abusing themselves through useful living tools and realization that there is help out there and that they are never alone and suicide is not the answer to solving their problems.

The main point that encompasses the play and will carry over to the teenagers watching, is “Life is a tissue box of problems and issues.” Like a tissue box, we pull one out, use it and throw it out. Rid ourselves of it. Often we don’t!

“We don’t hold on to dirty tissues,” says Brendan after using the tissue, “and we don’t hold on to problems and issues from way back or problems and issues your going through now!” he continues as he throws the dirty tissue in the bin.

“TISSUES,” previewed in June 1999, and then toured Melbourne and Country Victoria- Secondary Schools, in Oct ‘99, and is still touring. So far it has gone to over 400 schools! It played during Youth Week Victoria 2000- Aug 14th - 20th at La Mama , totaling 12 shows. “TISSUES,” had a lot of media coverage during this time, having the strong support of 101.1 TTFM, 101.9 FOX FM, and the cast of “NEIGHBOURS,” who recorded our radio advertisement, and gave us air time during Youth Week Victoria 2000. “Tissues,” launched the opening of the Western Region Health Centres. It formed part of many Youth Health/Awareness days, and also toured to Secondary School camp venues. “TISSUES,” was also welcomed into Youth Juvenile Detention Centres in Melbourne. “TISSUES,” toured Albury/Wodonga, 18th-26th November 2000 at the Charles Sturt University, and had a season at Chapel off Chapel in Nov. 2001. “TISSUES,” also played at Wyndham Cultural Arts Centre in May 2002. . “TISSUES,” was introduced by our Education Minister- Jacinta Allan- and was part of the Girls State School Conference on August 10th, 2006.

“Let “TISSUES,” guide the way for the youth of today!!”

"HIDDEN VIOLENCE"-Written/Produced/Directed by Rob Lobosco ::

Presented by R.L. Productions

With the strong support of Malley Domestic Violence and the enthusiastic, diligent, and determined Julie Beames, “TISSUES,” has been re-written to it’s 27th draft, titled, “TISSUES- HIDDEN VIOLENCE.” It will tour, regionally, during WEEK WITHOUT VIOLENCE, from 27th October to 31stOctober thanks to the funding obtained by Julie Beames efforts.

“TISSUES- HIDDEN VIOLENCE,” is a dynamic, hard hitting, four actor play that incorporates all of the issues included in the original “TISSUES,” play, as well as issues centering around domestic violence. It looks closely at the public/private issues of domestic violence, the way it affects the victim, and the entire family. The way it affects the children involved, is evident, and we see how difficult it is for the youth to study, and to socialise with their friends at home when domestic violence occurs. As well as the emotional and physical effects it has on the youth, watching their mother be physically abused by the father, thus creating an unsafe and unharmonious living enviroment. Also the effects it has when the youth are being physically abused by their parents, and the problems and issues this raises. It also looks at violence in general, amongst youth, and the serious effects this could have on their safety and the serious repercussions that follow.

“Let “TISSUES,” and “TISSUES-HIDDEN VIOLENCE,” guide the way for the youth of today!”Ô

"LIVESPARK" – Written/Produced/Directed by Rob Lobosco

Presented by R.L. Productions

“Livespark,” is R.L. Productions newest education play including many of the youth issues prevalent in the youth world at present. A play which looks at the ever so growing Youth Issues of today, centering around mental illness amongst youth, puberty, body image and sexuality, recreational drug use and peer group pressure, and bullying all leading to stressful episodes in their lives.

The characters include, Erin, who through a tough life offers help to both Mandy and Brendan in time of need. Mandy, who loses her mother, has difficulty in finding true happiness with work, and relationship and develops Bipolar Manic Depression. Brendan, who is facing work stress as well as peer group pressure about having sex, as well as body image issues, and as a result develops anxiety.

“LIVESPARK,” a play that will relate to most of our lives. Watching it, it will really hit home.

Considering 1 in 5 Australians suffer from a Mental Illness, this play endeavours to talk about all the most common mental illnesses prevalent in todays youth world.

The play takes us through episodes of stressful situations in each characters life, such as employment difficulties, not enjoying your job, body image issues, dieting issues, stress from family, relationships.

Also the peer pressure of having sex, and also the peer pressure of taking drugs and smoking and drinking.

It continues on to show how these difficult, trying situations in one’s life can all lead to or fuel an underlying Mental Illness. It goes through the suffering of the mental illnesses, and the varying degrees it can affect a person i.e. Bipolar Mood Disorder, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Eating Disorders and Depression. It looks at ways that these are managed and treated.

The play also goes into ways in which to help change our thoughts and attitudes toward mental illness. Helping sufferers work out the underlying causes to their problem, and why they developed the illness in the first place, and ways to help themselves, to improve mental health and well being.

Important for all of us!

It also shows how easy relapse, of a mental illness, can occur.

It continues to display how many useful living tools, and positive releases and past times can help improve one’s happiness and well being and ease suffering. Also the importance of expressing the innate talent that we all possess, and to learn and practice a lot more. Also the importance of time out, to allow time to find yourself.

“LIVESPARK`,” is an educational play which looks at issues including;

-Mental illnesses amongst youth, their possible causes, ways they are managed and resolved and ways in which they can live with them. Making youth aware that mental illness is a growing issue and the need to encourage youth to talk about them openly, is so important. To avoid discrimination and alienation of the youth suffering a mental illness, and also to decrease the stigma attached with mental illnesses.

The understanding that we can all undergo varying degrees of a mental illness at one time in our lives, and that that is ok. And that talking about it and early detection and help can save a lot of unnecessary suffering.

-Body Image and societies representation of the perfect body, so that you are sexually attractive.

-Puberty and growing up

-Peer Group Pressures associated with having sex, and the idea that it is cool to have sex, and not so cool if you haven’t. Also the peer pressure of drug/alcohol abuse and cigarette smoking.

-Problems in friendship/partnership relationships and the importance to resolve problems through communication.

-The importance of overcoming deep-seated emotional problems through positive release techniques and help from a counselor. The importance of self-expression and past times to keep ourselves occupied and content.

“LIVESPARK,” is a much needed play to educate youth about mental illness and to let them know it does exist, and that by making it more talked about and open through education will save a lot of suffering for those with a mental illness. As well as rid us of the misconceptions and discrimination we all have, when it comes to the topic. The play is an additional tool to provide high quality support, education and hope to all those suffering a mental illness, to their families and friends around them, and to everyone in our community.

As Brendan says; “It is scary suffering a mental illness itself! Don’t increase our suffering by not understanding us, we need understanding and support and most of all we need you to be our mate! That’s our first stepping stone to us getting better. There are many many more to follow after that. Make our first stepping stone an easy one!”

“LIVESPARK” toured to many Secondary Colleges and launched the 2008 Mental Health Expo.

“LIVESPARK,”- education and understanding to avoid suffering!

TEEN ISSUES”- Audience Reaction

Rob and his team of actors toured this play around Victoria since 1999 and performed over 3500 shows. Here’s just a sample of what audiences have said about the Play

Maribyrnong Secondary College

“Come back and do it again – PLEASE! I thought it was bloody fantastic. You guys were sofunny. I wanna thank you for making us laugh.”

”Good acting, good storylines and very, very lifelike.”

Brighton Secondary College- Newsletter Review

“It was evident that the playwright had gone to a great deal of trouble to make the stories as accurate and realistic as possible. A fantastic performance by some of Australia’s up and coming actors. Teen Issues is an informative educational show that kept the audience enthralled throughout whilst dealing with some of the major issues teenagers of the 90’s face.”

“Tissues was a clever and interesting performance acted by two very talented people. It showed very well how drugs, alcohol, anorexia, bulimia and raves can wreck your life. What is good is that it showed you that there are always people there for you even when you think you are in the worst of your times.”

“There was an obvious amount of research behind this educational drama. It was good how the audience were not told “never ever drink” but “drink in moderation”, this is a lot more realistic. It was also great that the actors were not that much older than ourselves.”

“Teen Issues was educational, entertaining and fantastic. It was such an effective way to educate teenagers and get the message across. I learnt a lot from this play.”

“This play was very realistic and helped us to know how to solve our problems. It was great because it entertained and educated at the same time.”

Balmoral High School

“I liked your performance because many people suffer from these problems. You gave us an idea of how to handle these situations, and how peer pressure can lead to disaster.”

“I think this play would really help teenagers out in the world who are troubled about something and need help.”

“Your performance was really deep.”

Loyola College/St Francis Xavier College- Gina Goss

“Tissues was so interesting because it was based on real life. I think this performance will change the thoughts of many kids on what’s good and what’s bad.”

“I liked the fact there was humour in the play because it made the serious issues much easier to take. I really liked Brendan who was very funny.”

“Brendan rulz! It was funny and serious, showing you what happens if you do drugs and abuse alcohol.”

“I really liked this drama performance because it was helpful and showed real life experience. It showed you how you could solve your problems in the right way and get help.”

Academy of Mary Immaculate – Year 11 HHD Class

“The scene on Anorexia was very powerful. It showed us the whole issues involved in this disorder. Adding comedy was a great idea as it lightened the serious mood.”

Killester College- Margarita

“ I thought your play was BRILLIANT! I loved the way you flowed each scene. It was very funny – I hope you’ll come back to our school again.”

The acting was so entertaining and funny. It really made me think about issues like drugs, drinking and eating disorders. You guys made it very easy to understand.”

“You have great insight into the problems of drugs and alcohol. It was very emotional and made me think.”

“Your play was interesting, funny and very entertaining. I learnt a lot about some serious issues.”

“Your play was really relevant to kid’s lives and it was funny but educational at the same time.”

“The play we watched today was a really great one. It was performed so well and contained a lot of truth. My favourite scene was the anorexic one. I related to the story because a lot of girls go through it. I cried at the end.”

Kealba College- Jenny Rapa

“Tissues” was great the way it was put together. I really liked the bit about Sam who was anorexic. I know how that felt because at one stage I was bulimic. Now I realise I should have listened to my Mum instead of other people – but it’s hard. Thank you for the performance and when you do another one please come back and show us.”

“ The actors were really very good and it’s worthwhile people our age knowing what drugs can do to you – makes you think twice.”

“The play was well presented and unusual. It was interesting to see the consequences of taking drugs and it made the students really think about whether they would do drugs in the future.”


Audience Reaction

Here’s just a sample of what the audience said at Killester College in Springvale, TEACHER-MARGARITA, and Thornbury Darebin Secondary College- TEACHER- Meredith Stevenson, and St Albans Secondary- TEACHER- Sherryn Mitrovics

I thought the play was really cool and educational. I learnt a lot about some of the things people go through after being raped or when discovering their sexuality.

I thought this production was very good for teenagers because it showed you shouldn’t be ashamed of your sexuality. The rape scene was great, because it encourages young girls to report a rape instead of keeping it to themselves. It was also very funny!

The show was fabulous. It really showed us that it’s okay to say no if we don’t want to do something. The show was really dramatic especially how you acted and the words you used.

The play was great – I think all of you gave the message to people about sexuality. This is the best play I have watched.

Your play was very relevant to issues we experience now and we really loved Melissa’s clothes especially her boots!! Please keep producing more shows.

This play was cool – the character Mandy was good because she was comfortable expressing herself. It’s not like a lot of other trashy boring plays I’ve seen.

I think you guys have great talent. Melissa you were so good cos you’re a funny outgoing person.

I thought the play was really funny, I liked the way you raised such serious issues and also made it light-hearted and entertaining.

I hope Brendan makes it to TV. Your performance was awesome for people our age. It was great that you get across to us that it’s good to use protection because of STD’s and I think most of the students could relate to the characters in the show

The characters in the play were awesome. I really loved Erin, she expresses a side of someone I know. She was lost and confused, but with the help of good friends she got through it.

Your play had some issues that my friends had experienced and the play showed how they really felt.

Guys your play was really cool, so was the music. Luv Gemma’s hair. Can’t wait to see the play turned into a TV Series – I’ll watch!!!

Your play made it very clear about the different types of sexuality. It was also very funny.

Hi, you guys really rock – you guys are the best. Can’t wait to see if it comes to TV!

The play was really excellent – the only thing that was disappointing was that it didn’t go on for longer. Luv Mandy!!!

You guys really act well. The tension in the play was excellent. You guys are going to rock Television history if you get to make a Series!!!

I liked the way issues of sexuality were discussed. It taught us a lot, cos as teenagers most of us are embarrassed to talk about precautions and stuff.

It was cool how you act and speak like us because we understand.

This play was interesting, funny and enjoyable. You didn’t blab on about nothing and got straight to the point. Importantly it got our attention!