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Well-Being Health Calls

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With Rob Lobosco

Rob Lobosco has been working with patients practicing Chinese Medicine, Remedial/Lymphatic drainage massage techniques, Diet therapy/prescription/detox, Qi Gong, exercise/stretching prescription, breathing exercise prescription, health & well-being advice, motivation, advice and guidance for 25 years in the clinic. He has been running life changing health retreats and transforming patient's body, mind, spirit - and life - for 17 years.

A well - being health call is a great way to allow someone else to help you to;

Stop, Re-evaluate, Reset your body, mind, spirit - and life.

These will be delivered as an easy call from your phone using - Messenger Live / WhatsApp Live / FaceTime.

This is a chance for you to discuss your ailments, the way you are feeling and you will be guided and lead to ways to improve your health and well-being.

The session will include -

- Chat and Discussion

- Inspiration, Motivation, Guidance and Advice

- Diet Therapy

- Necessary Activity specific for you and your needs

- Self - administered Acupressure Massage techniques to ease ailments

- Tapping techniques over certain Acupressure points and body areas

- Breathing/Qi Gong exercises specific for you

Sessions are Available On -

Saturday and Sunday AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) - 9am - 4pm

Friday and Saturday PST (Pacific Standard Time) - 2pm -9pm

Cost -

1 hour session - $165.00

1.5 hour session - $198.00

2 hours session - $220.00

5 hour session packs - $695.00

Please send an email to book your spot & enquire about the Online Retreats.

Email -

Retreat Gift Vouchers are Available for your friends, family & emplyees.

*All Vouchers have a 3 month Expiry*