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Level 9, 501 Latrobe St
Melboure 3000
Tel +613 9670 3700
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Yera Health retreat has been awarded the WOMO - Word of Mouth Online- Customer Service Award, for it's excellence in the Health & Well being Services every year from 2013 to 2020.

Following judging of the 2009 AUSTRALIAN ACHIEVER AWARDS for Victoria's Health & Fitness Services category: YERA HEALTH RETREAT/YERA NATURAL HEALTH CLINIC/YERA HEALTH SERVICES scored 95.87% making it one of Australia's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Health Service - for it's LIVE - IN Detox Retreats, LIVE - IN Bootcamp Retreats and LIVE - IN Yoga and FERTILITY Retreats.

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Yera health comprises of:

Yera Natural Health Clinic- Essendon

& various retreat locations including Rye - Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.



Yera Health Retreat's offer a holistic approach for YOU to rest, revive and retreat, thus promoting optimal healing and long term health.

The retreat is for YOU to GET AWAY and PAUSE from your everyday existence and to work out, What you are doing? How you are doing? Where you are going? A time for you to reflect and focus on ways to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and learn tools and tactics to implement these into your life - when you return to the rat race.

"The inspiration for opening the retreat came from seeing so many of my patients courageously battle cancer."

A retreat with no TV, no phones ringing and no microwaves.

This place is for YOU!

Whether you are battling an illness, (or battling with persisting ailments and issues) or if you are in good health, Yera Health retreat will be educational, relaxing and enjoyable for the short term and life changing for the long term.

You may book Yera Health retreat for a;

LIVE - IN 3 day / 4 day / 5 day / 6 day / 7 day / 8 day or longer retreats are also available.

Choose from the following;





with all Organic meals, treatments and activities included in the one Total Price - No surprises or no need to upgrade your package!

Yera Health Retreat is located at various locations, including Rye, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Ironically, Yera, has the Aboriginal meaning of- pleasant resting place!

Both the retreat and the clinic are certainly a 'pleasant resting place' to REST, REVIVE and RETREAT.

The motto for Yera Health is- Get healthy the Natural Way!

The Asian influence begins with its founder, Rob Lobosco.