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Tough Lessons

Tough Lessons

Bert, Mark and Elly are friends working on a Vineyard for colourful, ethnic farm owners, Con and Rika. The mountain attached to the farm, has a name that is a clear clue to their answer to their lesson in life - that they each need to learn. Mt Concord. Concord meaning to be in agreement, which clearly they are all not! But they are too caught up in a lovers triangle to notice the lesson. A series of events draws them closer - a little too close. And close to death.

Death of self and death of soul - with no one or nowhere to escape to. They each need to find what’s missing in their lives. But these three galloping horses need to stay in these paddocks and graze for a little while longer. This is their crucial lesson, STOP! Til they find what they lost. Their power!

Life lessons are often the toughest!

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